Saturday, January 6, 2018

New Year....New Life

I've always seen January as sort of the cold, dreary month. The excitement and rush, the anticipation and bustle, and COLOR of the Christmas Season is over. It's Winter, there's no outdoor blooms. The trees are naked and sad. The flowers buried deep in the earth. The Parties are over. And it's time to go back to the grind of a daily, weekly, monthly routine

From October on (and now in days, often even sooner) we have been saturated in CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS. Red and green, silver and gold, bright and gaudy, and most of all...BUY, BUY, BUY!!!! Sales! Sales! Sales! Clearance! Lowest prices of the Year!

And's all over. Clearance is still there, of course. Stores trying to get rid of all the things they couldn't convince folks they couldn't live without. But if you are like me...I'm tapped out. I also have car insurance due, the power bill is higher, the gas bill is higher...and I'm paying off all those presents I bought.

And...Resolutions. *shudders* We are slammed with Diet Products commercials. you know the ones I mean: "Lose 10 pounds in your first month!" "Shrink 10 inches from your waist!" New year, New you!!!

After weeks and weeks of build's all over. A bit like the months and weeks of wedding planning or the years of high school and college waiting to graduate...and then it's just over. Done. Finished.

AND we have to get used to writing 2018 instead of 2017 on everything.

Is it any wonder January is a dreaded month we just want to drift through?

But this January...I want to be different. It's time to let go of all the weighty things of 2017 and move on. It's a long, uphill battle. It's not easy. It's not smooth. It's damned freakin hard, to be honest, because I'm a creature of habit and I love my routine even as I rebel against them sometimes.

Have I made resolutions? Sort of. I have made more promises to myself. I think that's more important. Rather than some vague resolution about losing weight or cleaning a closet...I made promises to myself.

Because...Promises made to yourself mean more. At least to me. if I break them, I let myself down. And I need to make sure I build myself up. If *I* don' can I expect anyone else?

So my 2018 Promises to Myself.... Are the ones I keep buried and know just to me.

I DO promise here...Some surprises... some guest authors with epic good blogs... new book info and teasers.... new cover reveals...and catching up with some fav characters from past stories (Anna and Robin have been VERY busy...-s-).

So please watch this space...follow this blog...and let me know what you think. You won't be disappointed.

Do you make promises to your self this year? Keep them to yourself or does it help you to share them?

And by the way...

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

On the Day You were Born....

Whenever you make plans...the universe laughs. I stated a few weeks ago here on this blog I'd be back and doing posts more regularly.

And oh how the universe must have laughed and laughed and laughed.

Then I received a call from my youngest son on a stormy, pouring rain and booming thunder Friday night. "Mommy," he said, and I knew right away. I just KNEW. Not only because my twenty something son called me 'Mommy' (which he never does). But because I just KNEW.

My father had passed away.

It's been almost three weeks to the day since that phone call, and the first 'event' is happening. My oldest, my daughter, is having a birthday. Birthdays are events in our family. They always have been. I'm a December baby, and I don't have to tell anyone born near a holiday, especially Christmas, what that means. So every birthday is always an event like a holiday.

But my daughter's special. She's the sole girl on both sides. She has two brothers and all male cousins, on her father's side, and her mother's side. Just her. One girl and thirty six boys.

When she was born, my mother-in-law told me to invest in boxing gloves so she could 'defend herself'. I said, and meant, "Those boys better be the ones to watch themselves. She is not going to be a girly girly. See her eyes? She's Wonder Woman."

Years later, Amy Pond on Doctor Who would say, "Melody Williams is a geography teacher. Melody Pond is a super hero" on the day her daughter, River Song, was born. That's how I felt about my daughter. She's not a typical girl. She's a Super heroine.

(Let me inject, least they be 'left out' and boys are special and  super heroes too. All sons are special and super heroes to their moms. All girls are special and superheroes to their mother. or they should be.

So for their special kids always get the, 'On the Day You Were Born' story. I have told them this story on their birthdays from the 1st one on. What was happening in the world, who was President, what Mom did, what their father said, who the nurses were, what I ate, what was on tv, etc. I try to time it to the actual time each was born, though I admit for the youngest, it's switched 12 hours, since he was born after 1 AM.

My daughter is special for so many reasons. I could make a book of all the reasons, just as every parent should. Her birthday is special. Because she is Mine. Because she was my first. Because she is the only girl. Because she had killer dimples that made all the doctors and nurses gasp and say, "Oh my GAWD. Look at those deep dimples!" Because she IS a super heroine and Wonder Woman. because she's funny and short tempered, and compassionate, and plays trumpet and reads everything and loves Harry Potter and Super girl and Marvel everything and Top Gear and playing practical jokes.

But for my Dad and my Mom...she was the first baby they ever saw born. They were the generation where the mother had a contraction, they drove to the hospital, their father went to a room to wait, mother got knocked out, and they both were handed a cleaning shiny baby a few hours later. They didn't get 4 D ultra sound pictures or Lamaze breathing. So they went through all of it with me, their youngest, and my daughter, the first baby 'we' gave birth to and got to watch be born.

So when I called them at 5:15 AM and said, "Guess what? My water just broke." My Dad was the first one banging on the door in 10 minutes, insisting we leave NOW for the hospital. I was calmly curling my hair and applying some eye shadow (oh good lord, what a young naive girl I was) and said, "We have lots of time."

Dad bundled me and my Mom in the car and bam we were off.  he didn't race up the highway, but it was close. (The true race to the hospital came a couple of years later, when my oldest son decided to be three weeks late and then arrive thirty three minutes from the first contraction). At the hospital, Dad couldn't believe he actually got to come in 'the room' with me. He could sit in the recliner beside me while the monitor beeped and the nurses bustled about. He could watch tv. There was AC.  And while my Mom fussed about, asking me if I wanted ice chips, Dad 'read'.

During a particularly hard contraction, I vividly recall looking over and seeing my Dad 'reading'. It was a book about John Wayne, his personal hero. He held it upside in his hands, his gaze focused on my stomach as if 'Alien' was about to burst through. I gasped out, "Daddy! What are you doing?"

"I'm reading," he said calmly and tore his gaze back to the book.

"Upside down?" Pant pant, breathe breathe, blow blow...all those Lamaze breathing things (that do NOT work).

"Well, I want to impress this baby."

I laughed, as meant, and less than an hour later, my doctor announced, "Time to push!"

And my Dad...who was National Guard...a Fire Fighter...fearless...literally RAN from that room.

But 37 minutes later, he was the third person to hold my newborn daughter. And he cried. I'd seen Dad cry once before, when his Dad died back when I was eight years old. But he looked down at my red face screaming little girl, who was bald and had the most enormous dimples ever and he said, "Now then, little girl. let's go have some coffee and a doughnut. And you will stop that noise."

That was Dad's answer to every trouble or problem. Have coffee and a doughnut. Everything looks better after coffee and a doughnut.

So while I told the 'day you were born' story, and made (okay, I'll be honest, ordered, the cake), my Dad took the kids out for doughnuts and coffee flavored milk on their birthdays.

And on Saturdays. And any day he wanted to cheer them up or 'just because'. I loved that about my Dad. He made each child feel special, because coffee and a doughnut was each special time alone with Pa-Pa (what my kids called him, started, of course, by my daughter who first called him 'Pa-Poo'). And things DID look better after coffee and a doughnut.

And this daughter said, "Mom...tell the story and then, maybe, can we go get coffee and a doughnut? Because Pa-Pa isn't here to take me."

Yes he is. And he isn't. It's going to be a year of 'firsts'. The first birthday Dad isn't here. The first Halloween. The first Thanksgiving. The first Christmas. He won't be here to "dance at your wedding and sing, "when froggy went a courting" for my daughter. he won't be here to see them graduate college.

He's here, and he KNOWS. But he isn't HERE.

I miss you Daddy.

So, my beautiful Wonder Woman daughter who still has killer dimples and tons of naturally curly hair...Happy Birthday. Let's go have coffee and a doughnut. On the day that you were born....

Friday, August 4, 2017

When Real Life Takes Over....

It's been almost a year since my last post here. In many ways, that's unforgivable, especially to those of you who follow me. Apologies for not staying more in touch and up to date.

Real Life often is more fiction than truth. Have you ever noticed that? If I were to write the story of real life ... it would never be believed.

All that said...let me just nutshell state this past year has been one of numerous life change after life change, fairly major ones, and those had to, rightly so, take first and foremost place in my world.

But it's time to let the past stay the past and move to the future, one step at a time.

So....posts shall novels are on the way, finally...and guest authors will be featured.

Thank you for hanging in there.

And please Stay Tuned :)

Friday, September 2, 2016


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Thursday, August 18, 2016


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Saturday, August 6, 2016


It's my pleasure and honor to present MONICA CORWIN's latest novel to you. This series ROCKS everything you thought you knew about 'the four horsemen' and the end of the world.

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Tyr, god of justice, hunts his wife across the realms. From Hell to the Golden Throne, he travels until he finds her working as a phone operator. Scarlet is no longer the woman he fell in love with, and he is determined to bring that woman back to him if it takes the rest of eternity. 

Even though the Horsemen live on Earth, they are still responsible for guarding four seals that can unleash the Apocalypse. When a prophecy is awoken by a deity who only has her own interests at heart, they must go on the defensive to keep their homes on Earth and protect the seals. If even one seal opens, it will start a chain reaction that will force the Horsemen to take up their mantles and destroy the new lives they’ve worked so hard to build.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

NEW RELEASE FROM The God's Behaving Badly Series!

Today I welcome Guest Blogger the FABULOUS Sheri Velarde with the newest and next release in her ongoing series, GODS BEHAVING BADLY. Don't miss this fun and sexy new story!

Sophia had fled New York and the feelings that a certain detective had stirred within her. Now she found herself alone in LA on New Year’s Eve, the former goddess of love reduced to having to look for a date. Hitting the Sunset Strip she finds the last thing she was looking for, but exactly who she was yearning for, Detective Bruce Stoker in the flesh. A night of passion leaves her with high hopes for the future, until an art heist threatens everything.

Bruce had followed Sophia across the country in order to rekindle the passion he felt during their one night together and to get some much needed answers from her about who he really was, what her really was. Just when he thought he would get his answers, Bruce begins to wonder if he can truly trust Sophia at all. Only time and a mystery will tell.
Buy Links:
Lost Souls:
Stealing Hearts:

Guest Post:
Why Greek gods in modern times?
When I decided to try my hand at an actual book series, the first idea that popped into my mind was that it should be about Greek gods. That is where the idea for the Gods Behaving Badly series started. People since then have asked me why Greek gods? Why not? Not only are there plenty of gods to choose from, which means lots of potential characters for a book series, but they are fascinating to me. I believe that you should write what you know and love, so ancient gods from mythology just made me want to write them. Plus let’s face it, all those overgrown personalities make for some pretty good fiction! Talk about drama! For my own personal deities of lore stories I chose to place them in modern times with diminished powers. Same egos, but more challenges. So far I am liking the results. Looted, the first in the series was pretty well received and I am hoping Stealing Hearts does just as well. I am loving writing this series and in the latest book have already brought in more gods and that means more stories to tell. Here is a little sneak peak from Stealing Hearts.

Author Bio:
Sheri Velarde lives in New Mexico with her husband and their two dogs.
Being an avid reader since an early age, she has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. She has been writing all her life, but only recently started to actually try to pursue her dream of writing for a living. She specializes in all things paranormal and that go bump in the night. Her heart truly lies in exploring unknown worlds or adding the supernatural to our world. If it goes bump in the night or has magical connotations, Sheri writes about it.
She is constantly putting out new material with various publishers, so it is best to keep up with her on her website
In her spare time Sheri is an artist, jewelry designer, independent comic writer/artist and freelance non-fiction writer. Hiking in the mountains, going to live concerts, art openings, museums, and hosting intimate dinner parties.

The next morning Bruce awoke feeling happier than he could ever recall feeling. Suddenly he snapped open his eyes to make sure that Sophia still lay beside him. Sure enough, she slept peacefully next to him, a slight smile played on her beautiful features, her long auburn hair mussed, making her even sexier. Thank god, or goddess in this case. He had been afraid she’d disappear despite her promise the night before. Now that his need for her had been abated ever so slightly, maybe he could get her to answer some questions that had been eating him alive since their first meeting. His stomach growled; he forgot when his last meal had been and he had certainly worked up an appetite the previous evening. Quietly, he slipped out of bed, praying that goddesses kept a fully stocked kitchen. Maybe a little breakfast in bed would make her more talkative about the magic she seemed to have awakened within him. He still needed to know what an empath truly was, what he truly was, and what he was capable of doing. It seemed too farfetched to believe he was anything but human. However, he certainly felt different when with Sophia.
Making it to the kitchen, he was thrilled to see Sophia had all the makings for a fine breakfast. He turned on the small television on the counter as he began to get the eggs and bacon ready to cook. Mostly, he just wanted a little noise as he got to work, but something suddenly caught his attention.
“This is the highest profile art heist to hit Los Angeles in history. What is even more puzzling, there is no evidence as to who could have stolen the painting. All cameras and security systems are working properly, and the guards on duty didn’t see or hear anything. No alarms sounded, and the Getty’s systems show that no one entered or exited the premises last night. Van Gogh’s Irises is valued at over fifty-five million dollars, but many consider it priceless. If you have any information please contact the police. This is certainly not how we wanted to start off the New Year…”

Bruce’s heart sank. As he lay asleep last night, exhausted by lovemaking, it appeared Sophia may have been up to her old tricks. How could he ever learn to truly trust a creature such as her? She seemed to be getting bolder too, now she wasn’t just stealing from nefarious rich men, but from the Getty Center, and a high profile piece as well. He must not have provided her with enough excitement last night after all.